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Chrono Logic

Debt smart contracts & temporal innovation on Ethereum

Chrono Logic

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What is Chronologic?

ChronoLogic technology is used to create debt & innovative time-based smart contracts.

Chronologic supports temporal innovation with its partnership with Ethereum Alarm Clock aiming to solve core problems on the Ethereum blockchain.

0001 9 6 0 0 0 DAY
0002 DAY
0003 DAY
0004 DAY
0005 DAY
0006 DAY
0007 DAY

What are TimeMints?

Each of the 3,333 TimeMint addresses in the DAY ecosystem mint additional DAY based on their ChronoPower, a unique daily minting power rate.

ChronoPower of each TimeMint varies from 1% to 0.5% and no two TimeMints have the same ChronoPower.

Time Lapse Video Time Lapse Video Time Lapse Video Time Lapse Video

Time is immutable. Irreversible. It is value. However, ultimately its total supply is unknown.

Why Time?

ChronoLogic's core Chronos dApp expands the possibilities of using time and adding unique features into smart contracts.

Ethereum was not originally designed for these exact use-cases — for example, automated sending in the future is not possible without a server-based solution. The Ethereum Alarm Clock partnership is aiming to solve this and other challenges.


Debt smart contracts are the most logical implementation of ChronoLogic's tech.

Proof of use case

Token Smart Contracts

Deploying token smart contracts through Chronos is possible via the dApp.

Proof of use case

Temporal Innovation

Additional temporal innovation is being supported to advance the ecosystem.

Proof of use case

Automated Payments

Ethereum alarm clock will enable automated future payments.

Proof of use case


As a customer uses a software where payment is based on time they automatically spend their Proof-of-Time token.

Proof of use case


Endless opportunities, however, Proof-of-Time on the blockchain is vital for these practical implementations.

Proof of use case

Chrono Logic Road Map


3,333 TimeMint Addresses

4 Mil Max Possible Supply Limit

1% ChronoPower of TimeMint0001

0.5% ChronoPower of TimeMint3333

88 Days Halving period of ChronoPower

8,888 DAY Minimum to initiate TimeTx

TimeMints transferable if a balance of 8,888 DAY occurs in the TimeMint.

Time is immutable. Irreversible. It is value. However, ultimately its total supply is unknown.


The Chronos dApp includes & will include the following:


ALPHA Creation of time-based tokens


IN PROGRESS P2P ETH debt collaterized by tokens


ALPHA RELEASE SCHEDULED Schedule Ethereum Transactions


CONTACT US ChronoLogic strives to support additional temporal innovation


DigiStrats & Eric Weiss

Project Architect:
Eric brings the whole Digital Strategies team to ChronoLogic; Blockchain Proof-of-Time concept originator; Crypto Private Equity Investor & Polymath advisor, a Blockchain Security Token Platform.

Piotr Kosiński

Tech Lead:
Piotr is experienced software engineer and architect leading up the Ethereum Alarm Clock & Chronos; busy exploring cryptoeconomics and the decentralized protocol rabbit hole.

Logan Saether

Smart Contract Engineer:
Experienced in blockchain systems and cryptocurrency applications; he believes that the decentralization movement is a paradigm shift and will be as important to society as the industrial revolution was 200 years ago.

Joseph Bagaric

DAPP Developer:
Software engineer, computer science researcher & inventor; passionate about building open and decentralized systems; driven by their potential impact on the future of society.

Jovar Gaylan

Mathematician & computer scientist behind the future Proof-of-Time Chronos Platform; co-founder of multiple software startups including VideoRemix, a video personalization B2B platform.

Daniel Kmak

DAPP Developer:
Top 3% StackOverflow contributor with 12 000 reputation; JavaScript and SPA expert with 2 video courses authored for Packt Publishing; HackerNoon author, HackHands expert, Ember teacher.

Thiago Oliveira

Community Management & Brazilian Partner:
Co-founder of one of the largest cryptonews websites in Brazil, BTCSoul.com and crypto enthusiast; leading communications.

Sean Morgan

Community Management & Business Development:
Author and serial social entrepreneur, Sean Morgan writes about emerging technology and consciousness for various publications; he is inspired by how decentralization can positively impact global institutions and empower individuals.

Lee Pennington

Crypto-Marketing Advisor:
SaaS entrepreneur, private equity investor & crypto-marketer spreading the ChronoLogic prophecy to the world in telegram & on live crypto-webinars.

Tosh Sharma

Founding Tech Lead & Advisor:
Forbes 2016 India Tech 30Under30; founder of AllChains, a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform & Toshblocks, a Blockchain Consulting Company; Blockchain instructor & speaker teaching more than 10,000 students in 145+ countries.

Deven Soni

Founding Advisor:
Ex-Goldman Sachs, Lazard & Highland Capital investment banker & principal investor in charge of deploying over $300M of capital; General Partner at Wired Investors in charge of the Crypto & Private Equity Strategy.

Wired Investors

Digital Asset & Crypto Private Equity fund backing ChronoLogic, collaborating to implement Proof-of-Time on the blockchain for use with private equity, venture capital, hedge fund & debt style investments.